New York Times bestselling author M. Gary Neuman is a practicing licensed counselor and ordained rabbi who offers a caring, no-nonsense approach to issues in marriage, family, and personal growth. He has appeared many times on Today, the View, NPR and many other programs. Oprah referred to Gary as, "One of the best psychotherapists in the world," on his final (11th) appearance on her show.

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

The big question always is, how can the one cheated on ever trust again? After helping thousands of couples heal after cheating, here are the sure signs of whether or not your spouse will cheat again:
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Do I Tell My Teens that I’m Dating?

I have been divorced for about 3 years. I have two teenagers, 13 (a son) and 15 (a daughter). They both live with me although their father lives in the next town and my son often stays with him. I have just started to date someone. When should I tell my kids that I am dating and when should I introduce them to this new person in my life?
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Should I Stay Married for the Kids

Too many therapists think they have the easy answer whether to stay because divorce is often destructive to children or leave because if the parents are happier, the children will be better off. These facts should not convince you to stay in a marriage at all costs, but to try again and again to save your marriage for the sake of your children.
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Christie Brinkley and Ex Peter Cook-How It Affects Their Children

The recent public display of acrimony between Christie Brinkley and ex husband Peter Cook reminds us of what goes wrong with divorce. How does it affect their two teenage children?
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How Candidates Use Psychology on YOU

We talk about the psychology of our candidates while our candidates are thinking about one thing and one thing only, the psychology of you. Your vote will be cast on one issue: your personal impression of character. Ridiculous?
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Why Children Feel It’s Their Fault; What We Can Do to Stop That

As students riot in the streets due to the firing of their beloved Coach Paterno, the rest of us must wonder what we do to promote or stop crimes against children. That's the irony of abuse on children; they are the recipient of a criminal act and yet, they do not know how else to receive it other than a personal message of how they must deserve this action and the feelings associated with them.
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Penn State Football and the Failure of Society, Specifically, You and Me

How has molestation become or continued to be a common part of so many children's lives? But the truth is this: the rest of us have to take our credit as well. Think again. Multiple men at Penn State knew about a sexual assualt performed by Jerry Sandusky. What happened? The same thing that happens too often in our society. Nothing.
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Is anyone surprised that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced after 72 days? Here's 3 significant issues that celebrity marriages have to deal with that all of us can learn from: #2. What's the one thing every marriage needs a lot of? Sacrifice and the ability to negotiate differences. Not easy for the average spouse; practically impossible for the celebrity.
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My husband and I fight and when we do it gets ugly. It is one of the primary differences between successful and failed couples: Resolution. Successful couples work to resolve, find answers as to how this issue will be avoided in the future.
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Can a Gene Make You Cheat?

Just released: men with a variant in the gene DRD4 are 30% more likely to cheat. Here come the excuses...
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